Overactive bladder(OAB) is the name applied for a constellation of urinary symptoms. The most common symptoms of OAB include:
    Sudden urge to urinate that is difficult to control
      Urinary frequency

      Overactive Bladder may result in leakage which is called incontinence. Although many people think that overactive bladder symptoms are just a part of getting older – it is not. There are many treatments available to help with these lifestyle prohibitive symptoms.

      Your Athens Area Urology urologist will perform a complete diagnostic evaluation and help you select a management strategy that is best suited for you. Many people notice an improvement in their symptoms with dietary and lifestyle modifications. We also offer a variety of medications that help many people with overactive bladder symptoms. For those that are refractory to medications, we offer several procedures to help alleviate the symptoms of overactive bladder:


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