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Make a Resolution to Book an Annual Check-up

January 4, 2021

New Year’s is a time when many people make resolutions to get healthy in the coming year. Part of being healthy means taking care of your urological health by scheduling a yearly check-up with a urologist. Read on to learn more about the importance of an annual check-up, what you can expect at a check-up, and the steps you can take to book an appointment!

While it’s a good idea to see your primary physician for an annual physical, it’s equally necessary to see your urologist. Your urologist specializes in keeping your urinary system healthy, but they’re also there to help keep your reproductive health in check. Urologists are trained to pinpoint specific issues with your urinary and reproductive health and are better suited to handle these issues with in-depth knowledge and care. Take the time to see your urologist on top of completing your other annual health check-ins, as they can recommend ways to stay healthy and prevent future reproductive and urinary issues.

An annual exam at Athens Area Urology is pretty simple. At any urologist, you can expect a few things to happen at your check-up. Depending on the issues you may be concerned about, the process will differ for each patient. We want to provide you with care specific to your health, so keep in mind that your doctor might want to alter the tests and examinations you undergo. At the start of the exam, make sure to voice any concerns you have with your doctor; remember, we’re here to help you maintain your health, and we are best equipped to do that when we have as much information as possible under our belts.

Depending on your health history or specific problems, you can expect your physical to include a few processes. You’ll likely have a physical exam, provide a urine sample, and have an ultrasound or x-ray to take a look at your urinary system. Another way that your urologist examines your urinary health is through a cystoscopy, when a small camera is used to look at the lower urinary tract. You may also have a urodynamic test, which examines how well the urethra, bladder, sphincters hold and release urine. These tests are important to understand the health of your urinary system and potentially discover the source of leaks, blockages, and other urinary health issues. A tissue biopsy may be recommended as well, but be sure to ask your urologist about what tests will be taking place during your appointment, as these will vary depending on the patient.

If you’d like to book an appointment with us, you can check out our website or contact our office. If you’re looking for a more specific service to go along with your annual check-up, see our services page to find out what treatments we offer. It’s a good idea to schedule your check-up early in the year so that you don’t have to worry about it later on, so we recommend contacting us to make your appointment sooner rather than later.

An annual check-up with your urologist can be life-saving, but hopefully, we’ll just be seeing you to make sure everything’s as it should be. Athens Area Urology wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe 2021!

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