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Is March Madness the Perfect Time to Get a Vasectomy?

March 8, 2021

Every year, vasectomy appointments surge right around the month of March. Why are vasectomies so popular around this time? The answer is March Madness. Over half a million men get vasectomies every year, and March is continuously the first month to be booked up. Since the procedure requires a few days of rest, patients tend to schedule appointments near March Madness as they know they’ll be on the couch and in front of the television for a bit, watching the best college basketball teams in the country battling it out for the tournament title. Keep reading to find out more about planning your vasectomy, what you can expect, and if vasectomies can be reversed.

When is the right time to get a vasectomy?

If you don’t wish to have any children in the future and want a more reliable form of contraception, it might be time to consider a vasectomy. A vasectomy is the most effective form of birth control other than tying a woman’s tubes. However, vasectomies are much more affordable and far less invasive.

Talk to your doctor about scheduling your appointment during a time that works for you. Choose a week where you can take at least three days off of work or other obligations, as you’ll need to rest at home so that you can properly recover. Any strenuous or physical activity should be postponed until a few weeks after your procedure. Be patient with your recovery and give yourself ample time to rest before going back to work or doing strenuous physical activities.

What can you expect?

A vasectomy is a procedure in which your vas deferens tubes are disconnected, preventing sperm from being carried into the semen from the testicle. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes and requires local anesthetic. Your doctor will make one or two small incisions in the scrotum to gain access to the vas deferens. The vas deferens are responsible for transporting semen from the testes to the urethra. Once your doctor has located your vas deferens, it is then cut or blocked to prevent sperm from entering the semen. Doctors may then suture the ends of the tube before stitching up the incisions on the scrotum, or they may allow the incisions to heal on their own.

Recovery typically takes 2-3 days of rest, little physical exertion, and no sexual activity. There will still be sperm present for a little while, as there is still sperm leftover in the semen that hasn’t left the body yet. Thus, it is recommended that you use birth control and protection until you have a semen analysis that confirms there is no sperm present.

Can vasectomies be reversed?

Most vasectomies can be reversed, but it is not guaranteed that pregnancy will occur after the procedure. Vasectomy reversal procedures reconnect each vas deferens tube that was severed during your initial vasectomy. After a successful reversal, sperm are once again transported into the semen, and you may be able to get your partner pregnant.

Talk with your doctor about trying to become pregnant after a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal. After vasectomy reversals, pregnancy rates range from anywhere between 30% to over 90%. Many factors that affect the success of becoming pregnant after a vasectomy reversal, including the type of procedure, amount of time since your last vasectomy, age of yourself and your partner, and whether or not you had fertility struggles prior to your vasectomy.

Schedule an appointment

If you are considering a vasectomy or you would like to have a vasectomy reversed, visit our website for information and see our services page to find out about the work we do here at Athens Area Urology. Schedule a consultation with your doctor to discuss your plans and find a time that works for you. At Athens Area Urology, we’re here to help you through every step of the process, right through your recovery period. If you’re planning on resting post-procedure on the couch enjoying the best of college basketball, try passing the time by filling out a bracket. Remember, rest is essential after a vasectomy, so relax and enjoy March Madness!

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