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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September 7, 2020

Did you know that September is officially deemed as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month? Although this is an issue that affects people year-round, it’s essential to take a moment and recognize the signs, symptoms, and causes of this form of cancer, especially since it is the second leading cause of death for men in the United States.

First, one must understand, what even is the prostate? It is an organ that produces fluid for ejaculation that surrounds the urethra. Prostate cancer is defined as the abnormal growth of cells that originate in one’s prostate.

During the early stages, prostate cancer is generally asymptomatic. However, once the cancer becomes more advanced, patients typically begin to develop symptoms. Some of these symptoms may include loss of appetite, weight loss, bone pain, blood in the urine and ejaculate, and difficulty urinating. Also, there are several risk factors associated with prostate cancer. These include obesity, heavy smoking history, becoming older, having a family history of prostate cancer, and African-American ethnicity.

If you have any signs of prostate cancer, Athens Area Urology is here to help. The process is quite simple. The initial evaluation involves a Digital Rectal Scan (DRE) and a blood lab test known as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA). If a patient has an elevated PSA or abnormal DRE result, our doctors will often recommend a Prostate Biopsy. Once the biopsy is completed, there are several options our patients may choose from (depending on the severity), including surgery, watchful waiting, active surveillance, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and cryotherapy.

If you feel that you or your loved one is showing signs of potential prostate cancer, please give Athens Area Urology a call at 706.612.9401. You can also visit our website for additional information regarding our other services. Our team of professionals look forward to helping you!

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