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DNA Testing for Prostate Cancer

September 9, 2019

DNA testing can be an important preventative measure to detect early signs of prostate cancer and other urology problems alike. Not only is DNA testing an excellent preventative, but it can give you detailed information about your current condition or potential problems.

Why is having a DNA test or blood test for prostate cancer so vital? Fundamentally, it can help discover any abnormal cell growth in one’s prostate region. Additionally, there are several prostate cancer signs to look for (bone pain, difficulty urinating, weight loss, loss of appetite, and blood in the urine and ejaculation) that can be further examined and explained when undergoing a DNA or blood test.

Although these signs are well-known by most, other genetic risk factors may make someone a potential candidate for prostate cancer. These high-risk factors for prostate cancer include obesity, having a heavy smoking history, having a family history of prostate cancer, age, or being African American. Thus, a DNA or blood test may be appropriate for these specific individuals.

The most common form of testing for prostate cancer are digital rectal exams, also called DREs. While these tests are effective, DNA tests for prostate cancer or blood tests for prostate cancer can also work remarkably well. DNA tests and blood tests provide a method for patients and families to consider the risks of certain forms of treatment, as well as discover what approaches may work better. DNA and blood testing is a powerful way to ensure that we utilize the most reliable method for our prostate cancer patients. These tests can help ensure that our doctors select a treatment plan that will have the highest probability of success.

If prostate cancer is found, there are thankfully numerous solutions one can take as their next step. At Athens Area Urology, we have a wide range of treatment options, such as watchful waiting for further development, active surveillance, surgery, radiation therapy, cryotherapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. If you or a loved one is presenting symptoms of prostate cancer, contact our office at 706-612-9401 today for more information. At AAU, we believe we can battle prostate cancer together.

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