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How to Give Yourself an Exam to Check for Testicular Cancer

April 8, 2019

Testicular cancer is among the most common cancers in men age 15 to 35. You can play an important role in catching it early by performing a testicular cancer self exam once a month. Many men aren’t aware of how to do self exams for testicular cancer, but Athens Area Urology is here to help with tips on how to check for testicular cancer:

  1. Take five minutes in the shower: the warm water relaxes the muscles, making the exam easier.

  2. Starting on one side, gently check the scrotum with your fingers to feel the surface of the testicle.

  3. You will be checking for signs of testicular cancer: these often include lumps, bumps or any unusual features. It is important to perform the exam once a month in order to notice any new growths.

  4. Switch sides and check other testicle. Watch for any swelling, changes in size or soreness.

If you notice any abnormalities during your self exam, contact the experts at Athens Area Urology today.

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