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Preventing and Treating Testicular Injuries

November 11, 2020

Even though football season is coming to an end, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and a few other sports that can cause potential injuries are about to begin. For males, in particular, sport-contact injuries can be especially dangerous because of the chances of testicular trauma. Testicular trauma is caused when the testicle is harmed by force. Damage can be as minor as some bruising and swelling and as serious as internal bleeding or a testicle fracture.

Common symptoms that you might experience with testicular trauma are, but not limited to- scrotal pain/discomfort, swelling, bruising, nausea, blood in urine, or trouble urinating. If you or your child are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is best to see a urologist as soon as you can. If the bleeding or pain is prominent, a trip to the emergency room until then may help symptom management or prevent any further issues until a urologist can see you.

Once you are at the visit, your urologist will perform a physical exam to see if any damage can be immediately detected. If no sign of extreme injury is found, you will likely be sent home with some pain medicine. If they cannot tell for sure, an ultrasound may be necessary to see what is lying underneath the surface. If the imaging finds a more serious injury, the next course of action will probably be surgery to see the internal damage or repair any tearing. This is only performed if there is a high suspicion of severe trauma. A prescription of pain meds, wearing a jockstrap or compression shorts, and antibiotics will generally be the first round of treatment.

This type of injury can generally be prevented through a few practices. Wearing an athletic cup any time you face the risk of contact in sports from opponents or equipment is a good habit to begin. It is also very important to make sure that your cup fits you well. Cups that are too big or small can make the injury worse. Wearing a jockstrap or compression shorts as a preventive measure can also significantly reduce the risk of any severe injury to your testicles. Coaches and sports medicine doctors are also great for consulting during your season to make sure you’re aware of your sport's risks and the best treatment options if you are injured. Getting regular physical checkups is also important in ensuring that your doctor is updated and can check any symptoms of concern.

If you experience testicular trauma, call and schedule an appointment at Athens Area Urology and let our experts help.

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