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Why You Shouldn't Pee in the Pool

July 15, 2019

As a urologist, health is taken very seriously, even when it comes to fun summer activities like swimming. Although peeing in the pool seems like an understood “no no,” people still tend to do it. Beyond being lazy, inconsiderate, and just plain gross, peeing in pool can actually have detrimental effects on your health. Nobody else might notice, but your body will. Rather than treating your swimming pool like a giant bowl of toilet water, you should avoid going pee in pool at all cost.

Studies have shown that at least 17% of people pee in the pool. So basically, imagine you are at a pool party with 20 close friends. According to the statistics, at least four of them have peed in the water that you are swimming in. Ew!

Not only is it disgusting, but urine in pool water also fosters the formation of harmful chemicals. As soon as body oils meet sweat, chlorine, and urine, DBP’s (disinfection byproducts) start to arise. Organic matter from our bodies mixing with chlorine allows these DBP’s to form and harm our health.

To make it a little more clear, we will break it down for you. Urine is comprised of a substance called urea, which is produced when your liver processes ammonia. Urea contains nitrogen as well as many other proteins and substances. When that nitrogen combines with chlorine, AKA when you pee in pool, a compound called trichloramine is formed.

What’s so bad about Trichloramine? Well, not only does it exacerbate upper respiratory conditions like asthma, but it has also been found to be a direct cause. If you have friends with asthma or any other respiratory conditions, this pool safety tip is extremely crucial. Pee in the pool can potentially further their condition or trigger an asthma attack. Don’t put your friends and family in danger! It’s worth hopping out for a minute or two to use the restroom.

Ready to hear something really nasty?

Have you ever experienced red, irritated eyes after an enjoyable day at the pool? Most people assume it’s the chlorine that makes your eyes red and irritated, but think again. The reason for eye redness and irritation actually comes from the combination of chlorine AND pee. So when you’re rubbing your eyes after a nice day of swimming, know that it came from you or someone else urinating in the water. Gross!

Instead of putting your loved one’s at risk, keep your bathroom needs on hold until you are out of the water.

At Athens Area Urology, we prioritize your health and hope you will continue to take care of yourself in and outside of the swimming pool!

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